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  Dec 23rd, 2008

  What a wonderful conference it was!!

  Nov 23rd, 2004

  Many, many thanks for organizing this event. It's an occasion that WOC in technology feel special and belong.

The conference is important because it brings together WOC to share our experience, validate our feelings, and encourage each other ---Never feel so comfortable and at ease in a conference. It also gives us a chance to see what is possible -- I was simply in awe of the incredible accomplishments of some of awardees -- and to recognize the diversity in success and outstanding accomplishments -- some are energetic, assertive, confident and some are quiet, modest but all are comfortable in their own skin.

Ming, Mitre

  Nov 23rd, 2004

  I just returned from my first Women of Color in Technology conference and I am already looking forward to attending again next year! The conference was incredibly invigorating -- it provided concrete suggestions on navigating career paths and it celebrated our collective successes. The workshops and awards ceremonies offered practical advice about overcoming the unique challenges faced by women of color in technology (not in a negative, complaining light but rather in an empowering way) and highlighted the success of women in technology (those already established in their careers as well as younger women who are relatively new in their
positions). There were many opportunities to network with other women, and I found all the women to be tremendously supportive and encouraging. It was refreshing to be surrounded by women who look and act like women and
are highly successful not only in their careers but also in their personal lives. There were so many things to do and people to meet that I didn't get a lot of sleep at the conference, but I came home feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world with my sisters in technology!

Tasha Lopez
Worldwide Client Executive
IBM Systems & Technology Group

  Nov 23rd, 2004

  The conference was great. It is very nice to have such a forum to recognize the achievements of so many minority women. I was very inspired by many success stories from the Gala Event. Thanks for organizing this conference.

Winnie Choy (Boeing Company)

  Nov 23rd, 2004

  The National Women of Color Technology Awards Conference is an excellent forum to celebrate the accomplishments of women in technology. There is a desperate need to build the pipeline of women in technology and this conference serves as a reminder and reinforcement to the next generation of women that they too can be successful.

Sheila ForteConsultant, IBM Foundational Competencies -(HR)
IBM Corporate Learning

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